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All waterproofing jobs start with same step, determining where the water is coming from.
The two most likely places are underneath the floor (water table), otherwise through an old stone, concrete, brick, or block foundation. Once you know where all the water is coming from then you can start the waterproofing.

  1. Excavate down to the base of the footing.
  2. Clean the exposed wall thoroughly.
  3. Mud Monkeys then fills all holes and/or cracks in the foundation wall with hydraulic cement.
  4. We then cement coat the entire exposed foundation area from the base of the footing to 3 inches above the finished grade level.
  5. After the cement coating is thoroughly dry, a foundation coating of tar is applied over the cemented area with 6 mil plastic adhered to the tar..
  6. We then install a 4 inch clothed continuous weeping tile at the base of the footing and cover it with 12″ of 3/4″ gravel.
  7. The weeping tile is then brought into a sump barrel inside your home. (A sump pump will then have to be installed by a licensed plumber)
  8. Then we back-fill the excavated area, compacting the dirt every foot in order to minimize any settling that might occur.
  9. Mud Monkeys then slopes the final grade away from the house.

All left over concrete and earth will be taken away at the end of the job. It is up to the homeowner to do the final finish – cement, interlock or whatever the homeowner chooses to do.

Project Examples

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