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2014-07-21 12.01.54 Upon excavation of our waterproofing, your wall is thoroughly inspected for cracks and cleaned by our trained workers in order to find the exact source of the water damage. If cracks are detected in your foundation wall they will be properly dealt with by chasing the crack and chipping it out. From there the chipped areas will be filled with Hydraulic cement which once mixed with water and applied will harden within minutes. We apply our pargeing coat directly over the already cemented area to ensure your foundation is properly sealed.

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  • Simone

    Lucy – ahh, unfinished home prtoecjs.. story of my life. lolWe are currently in the process of switching The DJ (Ty’s Justin Bua print from way back) to a new frame. Well we bought a frame, brought it home.. too small. At that point the DJ was already out of the original custom frame (which i had to take apart with a screwdriver piece by piece *Rolls Eyes*). So now we have two frames standing on the floor along side of the infamous DJ. Unfinished.On a more productive note, I unpacked this fabulous italian easel the Dawn gave me & am now mobile with different painting locations. So far i’ve been in the front yard(haha), sitting under the big maple tree. It was lovely. But we are departing for holidays in 1 week from today, can NOT wait :D (my excuse for the unproductivity around the house haha)*Say Hi to PAPA for usJuly 20, 2012 2:11 pm

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