Not Gaining Any Height

2015-04-29 09.21.22

  1. We will break up your existing floor and dig down approx. 8”.
  2. At that point you could have a plumber come in and change all old clay piping to new pvc/abs piping.
  3. We then treat all of your interior walls with delta membrane and put interior clothed weeping tiles directed to a sump barrel.
  4. At this point you also have an option to choose if you want to put down 2′ insulation or have in floor heating installed
  5. 4” of gravel is then laid on top covered by 6mil poly and with wire mesh
  6. We pour a 4” concrete slab leveled with a smooth finish.
  7. Approx. start to finish 7-10 working days

Project Examples

  • 2013-11-05 08.34.30
  • 2015-04-29 09.21.22
  • 2015-04-29 09.21.07
  • 2015-04-29 09.21.50
  • 2015-04-29 09.21.40
  • 2013-11-05 08.34.18

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